I'm Jonathan. Many of my projects explore the magic of cross-domain tech; whether that's exploring the future of hardware in our lives, or creating mindful spaces using AI and music.

Apart from code, I am trying out better ways to cook, learn languages, and make music. I enjoy meeting and sharing interesting conversations with new people, so never hesitate to reach out to me.

What I've been up to
  • Making fortune mining accessible @ Myriade
  • Turning Chromebooks into supercomputers @ Fractal
  • Exploring decentralized produce distribution @ Mozilla
  • MakingAI make musical spaces @ Noisy
  • Living in shared intellectual communities @ New Mexico and San Francisco
  • Creating a better Discord for the Chinese market @ iDreamSky
  • Stay tuned...
My values & beliefs
  • Live authentically: Find your own purpose and meaning in life; live to be a better, more honest version of yourself.
  • Grow meaningfully: Have a clear compass for what your definition of goodness and success is and work towards that. Is what you are working towards something that's truly important?
  • Motivate internally: Doing something out of innate interest will never feel old, tiresome or competitive.
  • Experiment and explore: Life is short, and there is so much to do out there. Try new things and never stop learning.