Today I Learned

This is a special part of the digital woods where I try to log what I've learned every day. The universe is big and complex thing - learning a little bit about it every day makes life a bit more interesting.

What I learned
Mar 24, 2021AppWorks is one of the best places to find a family of founders in Taiwan
Mar 23, 2021Chatted with Mike Zintel from Microsoft : ask people for money and you'll get advice, ask people for advice and you'll sometimes get money
Mar 22, 2021Talked to Kevin Lin from Twitch : the space for context-based video interaction is super big and exciting, and different from AR
Mar 21, 2021The median salary for infrastructure devs at PornHub is $300K
Mar 20, 2021Used GCP Video Intelligence and App Engine for the first time
Mar 19, 2021AWS step functions and AWS Rekognition for videos
Mar 18, 2021Learned to play the D, G and C chords on the guitar
Mar 17, 2021Learned about the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm as alternative to RSA
Mar 16, 2021Weird video frame rates (23.98, 29.97, 59.94) came historical factors stemming from the introduction of color tv
Mar 15, 2021Implemented hash signing functionality on Ethereum using Ethers.js