Today I Learned

I hope to use this as a place to log what I've learned each day. The universe is wonderfully big and complex - I'd like to make an evergreen habit of discovering more about the world I live in.

What I learned
Nov 11 2022Creating a mechanical turk labelling project
Nov 9 2022LSTM backprop, matrix stacking and concatenation
Nov 8 2022Measuring model inference time in Python
Nov 7 2022Numpy arrange, various jnp operators
Nov 4 2022Main types of RL models
Nov 2 2022Custom brushes and new layers in Procreate
Nov 1 2022Geopy library and implementing LSTM
Oct 29 2022Sphexishness: Behavioral determinism due to genetics
Oct 23 2022Pruning and quantization in deep learning
Oct 21 2022Goodhart's Law: When a proxy for a goal is used as a goal, it ceases to be a good proxy