Today I Learned

This is a special part of the digital woods where I try to log what I've learned every day. The universe is big and complex thing - learning a little bit about it every day makes life a bit more interesting.

What I learned
Jun 15 2020People who work in the produce distribution business really do hustle. I met someone at the food terminal who wakes up at 12am to drive 2 hours downtown and sell flowers from his truck by himself.
Jun 8 2020I learned how to the React-based graphing libraries Nivo and ReCharts to visualize user activity over time. Also learned to the SQL GROUP BY function to summarize timestamp logs based on the day.
Jun 16 2020It's important to have a ritual of some sort. They are great ways to practice doing something with commitment.
Jun 19 2020Learned about Azure resource groups and how to use them.
Jun 14 2020Website translations are tough. I discovered Weglot, and a business model that is blatantly obvious in hindsight.
Jun 13 2020If you're a student developer, the free stuff from Github's Student Developer Pack is a huge money saver for projects.
Jun 12 2020Learned the importance of checking my emails more often. Also learned that POST requests take some time.
Jun 18 2020It's important to stay in touch with friends and reach out to new people. Don't let circumstances such as quarantine serve as excuses not to contact people in other ways.
Jun 23 2020There's a lot of free time in the day if you know where to look.
Jun 24 2020You can never plan for a conversation. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you!