Today I Learned

This is a special part of the digital woods where I try to log what I've learned every day. The universe is big and complex thing - learning a little bit about it every day makes life a bit more interesting.

What I learned
Aug 2 2021When NFTs get revealed in a drop, the market normalizes with higher highs and lower lows. Snipe rares and dump commons.
Jul 30 2021Bought my first NFT!
Jul 28 2021Lotka-Volterra equations and how they model the interaction of two species
Jul 27 2021PostgreSQL SSL connection parameters
Jul 22 2021PostgreSQL extensions
Jul 19 2021Pcscd (NFC reader driver) installation and usage - it's a pain
Jul 18 2021Playing with the NTAG424 NFC tag
Jul 17 2021Hasura migrations: version control for Hasura databases
Jul 16 2021Learning Jetpack Compose on Android Studio Arctic Fox
Jul 15 2021The music theory of suspended chords