Today I Learned

This is a special part of the digital woods where I try to log what I've learned every day. The universe is big and complex thing - learning a little bit about it every day makes life a bit more interesting.

What I learned
May 31 2021Logging levels: trace, debug, info, warn, error, and fatal levels should be used properly for good logging practices.
May 27 2021Writing bad code is defensible - you can't get fired if you're the only one who can read your code
May 24 2021Optional chaining (?.) and nullish operators (??) in Typescript
May 23 2021Using form data to send blobs and files to backend
May 22 2021 There's a javascript port that lets you run ffmpeg in the browser (slowly)
May 21 2021The 83(b) election is very important for making sure you don't get destroyed by taxes as a founder. Don't forget it!
May 19 2021Scaling image data that's been captured in an HTML canvas
May 17 2021Binance smart chain is great for trading crypto quickly - until the market crashes and no orders can go through
May 15 2021Encoding and sample rates in FFMPEG conversion
May 13 2021The strat to motivate slackers in non-profits is to not give them any tasks: they coast, get peer pressured, and get mad enough to crush any task just to prove that they're capable