Today I Learned

I hope to use this as a place to log what I've learned each day. The universe is wonderfully big and complex - I'd like to make an evergreen habit of discovering more about the world I live in.

What I learned
Sep 2 2022Vanishing/exploding gradients, made first working deep classifier
Aug 30 2022Had a call with OpenAI founder and learned about the company's mid-term vision
Aug 26 2022Lots of practice doing recommendation calls for VC background checks
Aug 24 2022The math behind bezier curves
Aug 21 2022Binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones
Aug 20 2022Using yjs for shared cursor workspaces
Aug 7 2022Sketching figures in procreate
Aug 5 2022Read The Spy and the Traitor - the story of Soviet double agent Oleg Gordievsky
Jul 14 2022Homogeneous linear recurrence relations
Jul 7 2022Incorporating a nonprofit