Today I Learned

This is a special part of the digital woods where I try to log what I've learned every day. Let's see how long we can keep this ritual going.

What I learned
Feb 22, 2021For regularly occcuring group calls, 3 people seem to be the perfect number for always having something to talk about while not having to wait your turn
Feb 21, 2021I should ask more questions. People seem to be much more willing to share details of their life than it seems.
Feb 20, 2021Super Mario Effect: Focusing on the Princess and not the pits, to stick with a task and learn more
Feb 19, 2021Read about Elon's experience starting SpaceX. It's a really inspiring foray into deep tech that I would like to replicate someday.
Feb 18, 2021A daily, 20 minute call seems to be the best interval to get close to someone
Feb 17, 2021Created complex gradients in HSL format
Feb 16, 2021Made Goi Cuon for the first time. So good
Feb 15, 2021A lot of people don't actually use dating platforms to date?
Feb 14, 2021Got OkCupid. Apparently you can find some really interesting people there
Feb 13, 2021Learning to implement a Celery task queue