HarvestNet: A Dataset for Detecting Smallholder Farming Activity Using Harvest Piles and Remote Sensing
We introduce 7k hand-labeled images and 2k ground collected labels of harvest piles. Models trained on it detect smallholder farms better than SOTA land cover maps.
AAAI 2024
Jonathan Xu*, Amna Elmustafa*, Liya Weldegebriel, Emnet Negash, Richard Lee, David Lobell, Stefano Ermon
Structure-Preserved Image Reconstruction from Brain Recordings
We propose a 2D cortical surface-based autoencoder to preserve spatial information in fMRI data, resulting in much better representations. We then decode images from brain recordings.
Extended Abstracts of ISMRM 2024
Zijiao Chen*, Jonathan Xu*, Jiaxin Qing, Ruilin Li, Juan Helen Zhou