Eating fine on a dime

Some recipes for foods I love that have a high deliciousness to effort ratio

Beef Udon
Beef UdonEasy peasy michelin star squeezy
Taiwanese Fried Chicken
Taiwanese Fried ChickenHigh effort but high reward
Stir-fried Tomato and Eggs
Stir-fried Tomato and EggsThe greatest thing before sliced bread
Blueberry Ice Cream
Blueberry Ice CreamCheap and easy gourmet ice cream
Gỏi Cuốn
Gỏi CuốnHighest flavor to effort ratio
Sheng Jian Bao
Sheng Jian BaoShanghai style pan-fried pork buns
Italian Wedding Soup
Italian Wedding SoupAuthentic tasting, hearty American x Italian soup
Soy Sauce Fried Rice
Soy Sauce Fried RiceA lunchtime staple