March 2021

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During this time I was trying to make sense of what the hype around NFTs were all about. It seemed that all the excitement revolved around the fact that you can have these digital "tokens" be a 1-to-1 unique representation of something online or in real life. As I was jamming on this technology with some friends from Waterloo, we made a project called Moments. The idea is that you can create an NFT of a moment in a Twitch clip, get it signed by the content creator, and have it be ownable as a piece of personal memorabilia. This was a fun project as we basically built a fully fleshed project, with design, marketing, and fullstack application. A cool thing we did was to allow people to log in with either their Twitch account or their Metamask. I'm quite proud of the signature flow - I took a bit of work with the HTML canvas to be able to record a video of the signature and have it be rendered as a gradient. We also implemented something called "lazy-minting": the NFT would be tradeable on our site, and the user would only pay the mint fee only when they wanted to move it on chain, by which time we would turn it into a real NFT.

Here's the website. Not sure how long it will keep working though.

Demo Video

Promo Material